Where can I get a passport from?

Passports are available to download and print at home here.

You can also pick up a passport from from your local library or from the  Electric Vehicle Experience Centre.


How do I enter?

You need to register  your passport online and then you’re ready to start collecting your stamps!


How do I submit my completed passport?

You just need to take a photo of your completed passport and send it to passport@pedallingculture.com

Or return it to any Milton Keynes library.


Where can I see which venues are taking part?

You are able to see which venues dotted around the borough of Milton Keynes are participating on the reverse of your passport.

Click here to see full information about each venue, their opening times and how you can earn your green stamp!


How much does it cost to enter the Cultural Venues?

Many of our Cultural Venues are free to enter but some have a small charge in order to continue to display and preserve the art and heritage on offer.

Links to entry prices are listed on the web page for each Cultural Venue where paid for entry is required.

What is a green challenge and how do I complete it?

To earn your stamp at each venue you must take part in a fun challenge.

Listed on the reverse of your passport, and on our website, you will see each venues green challenge.

From going to Bletchley Park using a green transport method (walk, cycle, scoot or use public transport) to walking MK City Discovery Centre’s Woodland trail, we want to encourage using green transport methods to explore the art and culture in and around Milton Keynes.

Each challenge is set by the Cultural Venue and full details can be found at here.


Who can take part?

Anyone can take part in this fun, interactive challenge and learn more about Milton Keynes’ art and heritage.

Simply download and register your passport.


What prizes are available?

From INTU shopping vouchers to theatre tickets, there are lots of prizes on offer.

Each completed passport will receive a printed certificate and be entered into a prize draw.

The prize draw will take place week commencing 7th January and winners will be notified via email of their prize.