Introducing: Nicky Kenny – Cultural Champions Coordinator

Helen Thakrar | Jun 2018

Meet Nicky Kenny, one of Milton Keynes culture’s most passionate ambassadors

 As we gear up for the start of a packed programme of Pedalling Culture events, we catch up with Nicky Kenny, who’s playing a pivotal role in the proceedings as Cultural Champions Coordinator.


Nicky, can you tell us how you’re involved with Pedalling Culture?

As a development officer for Community Action: MK, I’ll be encouraging Milton Keynes’ residents and visitors alike to discover all the rich and varied cultural experiences that the city has to offer by sustainable transport, whether that’s cycling, walking, electric vehicles—our network of ‘redways’ alone presents opportunities that no other city has to offer.


How will you help to inspire us?

Besides sharing details of events that everyone can watch, or indeed take part in, I’m also growing an army of ‘Cultural Champions’: a band of Milton Keynes residents as enthusiastic as I am about the city’s sometimes hidden cultural gems. I have absolute confidence that their passion will be infectious.

This would be a good time to mention that we’d welcome anyone wanting to join this team of champions. (To find out more, go to [insert hyperlink].)


You’re obviously passionate about Milton Keynes’s arts and heritage yourself. What’s your personal connection with the city?

I grew up in Milton Keynes, so it’s always been a very special place to me. I moved away for a time to pursue my career and was drawn back. I returned to be close to my family and it’s also proven a wonderful place to bring up my own children.


What Pedalling Culture event are you most looking forward to?

There are so many to choose from! Right now it would have to be Blazing Saddles in September, which promises to a visually stunning performance of contemporary choreography. On a deeper level, it will tell the story of a group of women caught up in the excitement of the possibilities of freedom, travel and independence when, in the late 1890s, bicycles first became widely available.


Finally, what’s your favourite cultural destination and why?

Oh, it has to be Milton Keynes Museum. My family and I have made so many happy memories there. And my children absolutely love it!


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