New redway map pinpoints pedallable culture

Helen Thakrar | Jun 2018

Unless you’re new to the city, it can be all too easy to take the novelty of Milton Keynes’ ‘redways’ for granted. But along with urban planning on a grid system like no other, Milton Keynes is famed for its redways, and with good reason.

Milton Keynes’ citizens are sure to have spotted the new redway map land on their doormats. This is a limited edition, pocket-sized guide to the web of pedestrian paths that link the entire city in a green and sustainable passage from A to B, and indeed C, D and E along the way. Thanks to Pedalling Culture this new edition includes Milton Keynes’ cultural places, from the most iconic like Bletchley Park to the hidden gems.

As well as linking cultural destinations, the redways boast their own historical anchors. They link up with the Watling Street, the Roman road that was once the primary route north from London by horse and cart. They follow the Grand Union Canal and the Great River Ouse, and they also meander around Milton’s Keynes natural beauty spots, cared for by The Parks Trust.

Recreation and scenery aside, Milton Keynes’s redways provide an environmentally friendly option for commuters to reach the 12,000 businesses the city hosts. Whether it’s from Stony Stratford to The Open University—within half an hour by bike—or from Milton Keynes Central train station to one of the city’s many corporate headquarters. Thanks to our redways walking or cycling is often a quicker, more relaxing way to travel and not least greener way to travel.

With the environment in mind, the new map was a limited edition print run. Access the digital version here.

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