The musings of a Pedalling Culture Community Champion

Isabel Hicks | Feb 2019

When Isla Stanger first moved to Milton Keynes, she was completely unaware of the Redways, and the ability to get from place to place on a bicycle. Having grown up children, Isla didn’t have the usual family link to build connections in a new city, so, after seeing a flyer to become a community champion for Pedalling Culture she jumped at the opportunity.

With a background in the theatre and music, Isla has a strong connection to culture, couple this with a love of cycling and she was the perfect champion to promote Pedalling Culture.

“When I first came to Milton Keynes, I wondered where everybody lived, the entire city is very car orientated. However, since discovering the Redways I have realised what a green city it is, and how well everything is connected, without the need for a car.”

As part of her role as a community champion, Isla cycles, or walks the Redways, and documents her journeys, and findings of cultural venues along the way.

Here, read about her walk along the Gyosei Art Trail with Pedalling Culture’s Nicky Kenny.

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