About Us

Promoting the wealth of culture within Milton Keynes is at the heart of Pedalling Culture. As a partnership initiative, between the public and private sectors, we have been created with the aid of funding from the Arts Council England’s Cultural Destination projects. Our partners include MK Council, MK Gallery, Bletchley Park Trust, Destination MK, Amazing CMK, and Arts & Heritage Alliance.

Our mission is to ensure that every community across Milton Keynes realises the culturally diverse city we live in, and the fact that these cultural destinations can be reached from the many green transport links we have available to us. There are over 280 miles of Redway routes zigzagging their way through the city, plus ongoing initiatives to develop specific green transport methods, ensuring that everyone has sustainable access to our cultural venues.

As part of our green agenda to develop sustainable transportation, the Pedalling Culture project will also tie up with the Electric Vehicle Experience Centre (EVEC) to encourage the take up of electric vehicles. This will see new e-charge points installed in cultural spaces, the wrapping of e-cars with vinyl wraps designed by artists, and cultural way-finding will be embedded within the exciting new Driverless Pod programme being rolled out in Milton Keynes this year.

We’re working with our partners to increase access for both residents and visitors to hire bicycles from already well developed programmes such as Santander Cycles MK, while developing new trails and routes for walkers, runners and cyclists alike. As part of this, signage to all of our cultural and heritage sites will be improved and way-finding markers will feature along all of the green routes to help people get to their point of interest.

Improving our green infrastructure is just one step in our journey though. It is vital that we embed sustainable living and the full cultural offering of our city in people living across every one of the diverse communities in Milton Keynes. To deliver our message we’ve created a team of community champions who will be able to work within each target community to promote the project.

We’ve also created a series of locally influenced events throughout the year which will appeal to the whole family! From cycling to walking with a cultural infusion thrown in, these events range from small and localised to large and city wide, to ensure we reach and engage with everyone throughout the course of the project.

While our residents are at the heart of Pedalling Culture, it is important that we put our city on the map as a cultural destination. As a result we’ve launched a destination programme which will include tailor made packages that will appeal to people across all walks of life. These will incorporate our cultural spaces, cycle routes, green transportation links, and, of course, our famous landmarks.


Supported By

Arts Council England & MK Council


Bid Partners

MK Council, MK Gallery, Bletchley Park, Destination MK, Amazing CMK, and Arts & Heritage Alliance




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