Groundwork presents: A to B in MK

  • Sat, 15 Sep 2018

    Live Mapping Performance Walk and Map Launch - Groundwork presents: A to B in MK

Tracing the Pathway and Hayley Newman

Join Groundwork for the launch of Hayley Newman’s publication A-B in MK and a special performative tour of Milton Keynes pedestrian and cycling system the Redways, a network of 270km of mixed-use paths that run in parallel to the road grid and through the grid squares of MK. Their name comes from the russet red tarmac they are covered with, but the Redways are also green, corridors of connection that bring people, plants, fungi and animals together. 

This performance tour will unite cyclists, walkers, runners, dog walkers, mobility scooter users and parents with prams to experience the Redways together. In this alternative tour, which starts and ends at Willen Lake, you will learn how to read the Redways, experience the ups and downs of winding around roads and take part in a choreographed multi-user parade.

A-B in MK is a participatory mapping project developed by artist Hayley Newman with Milton Keynes Community Collaborators that took place on the Redways in Milton Keynes from 17th – 29th July, 2018. A-B in MK has taken the form of a number of collective walks and cycle rides on MK’s Redway; emotionally plotting segments of this 322 km network of paths, cycle lanes, trees, bushes and bridges. During the last two weeks of July the artist accompanied residents and visitors on their daily journeys to and from work or schools and will join organised walks and bike rides; each trip has then been written as a story and published as part of a Redway guide.

No booking required, but if people want to also do The Weekender Coach trip, they can do both.

The Coach Trip #1 journey which enables participants to take part in Hunt and Darton’s bus tour of Milton Keynes. The tour will pass some of Milton Keynes most significant cultural, heritage and architectural sites, guiding guests on a journey to visit and partake in the events, installations and talks presented during the morning of Day 2 of the Groundwork Weekender. Attendance includes visiting Willen Lake to participate in Hayley Newmans’ Festival of Curves, Detours and Slopes, followed by entrance to MK Food Fest and Panel Seven of the Situating the Groundwork: Initiatives, Infrastructures and Interventions symposium. 

Registration for The Coach Trip #1 will take place between 11:00 and 11:15, departing at 11.30. The trip will begin and end at Milton Keynes Arts Centre. 

Tickets can be booked here.

Find out more about volunteering at this event here. 

This event forms part of Groundwork Weekender.