Get Involved

The community engagement programme aimed to embed sustainable transport into the mindset of local people, by reaching out to diverse communities. Community Engagement and Champion Coordinator, Nicky Kenny, worked to promote the project and its aims to communities in MK by promoting the innovative events programme, including the MK Fringe and the International Festival and supporting commissioned partners to increase attendance at their events from key community groups across Milton Keynes.

Nicky recruited Pedalling Culture Volunteer Champions to help spread the word about the project, test out cultural walking and cycling trails and help at events.

Q and A’s

  1. What is the role of a Champion?
    To help promote the project and encourage people to get discovering MK and reclaim the Redways!
  2. How much time would I need to give to the role?As little or as much as you like! Champions will be supported to organize walks or cycle rides, promoting the project using social media, attending events and lots more.
  3. Can I bring my own ideas to the project?
    Absolutely. We would love to hear your ideas about how you think you could promote and engage communities in the Pedalling Culture project.
  4. Do I need to own a bike?
    No! Pedalling Culture promotes ALL sustainable methods of transport ; walking, cycling, electric vehicles, skateboarding, horse riding and even roller skating.

All volunteers recruited during the project have been offered the opportunity to volunteer with other local programmes now.