Walk, cycle, run

With all the new developments taking place across the city, we are very much aware that our city’s residents will potentially be facing a 57% increase in journey time during peak hours! As there is limited scope for increasing our road capacity, we are encouraging the use of our Redway network and leisure routes as much as possible, not only will using these routes, by walking, cycling or running, be a more sustainable way to travel, the scenery will be much nicer.

Better signage and way finding throughout the Redway network is being developed to provide better navigation to our cultural destinations. These improvements are designed to help residents, and visitors to Milton Keynes, understand the green and sustainable transport options available to them.

Through social media, users of the Redway network can interact with Pedalling Culture by sharing photos and feedback on their experience on their journeys to cultural venues, attractions and art spots.

We worked with Milton Keynes Council to develop a new Redway map which features every cultural venue in Milton Keynes and the accessibility to these via the Redway routes. In May 2018 this map was published and distributed by Milton Keynes Council to every household in the area.


cycling and redway maps


santander cycle mk programme

Launched in June 2016 this is a collaboration between Santander UK, Milton Keynes Council and Milton Keynes City Centre Management. The scheme now has over 40 docking stations and over 300 bikes in circulation, enabling residents and visitors to Milton Keynes access to bikes to travel for business or pleasure

Pedalling Culture will support and assist residents and visitors to use the Santander Cycle MK bikes to explore the cultural landscape of Milton Keynes. The following link shows how to hire a bike and where your nearerst docking station is;